Demos 2012​-​2014

by Gimmie Kisses

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released February 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Gimmie Kisses

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Track Name: dethbedfuck
im a young loaded nun and lonely gun
im crossing you off my will as soon as i make one
my lust and patience are chafing
my old heart quit participating
when im an old moldy puppy
would you please just death bed fuck me

my breath is wrinkling through the air
flailing and wailing like an old dirty bear
my lust and patience are chafing
my old heart quit participating
when i look like bill o'reilly
wont you please just death bed fuck me

losing myself every day
i keep better track of spare change
keep my marbles in a jar
watchin reality from afar
the foxes have their burrows
the birds have their nests
but the son of god cant get any rest

beasts of the field
they got it made

got a deeply profound sense of
superficial meaninglessness
twenty six years of hard earned
ignorance and im still learnin
the foxes have their burrows
the birds have their nest
but the son of god cant get any rest
Track Name: an inch of salt
i looked down when i saw you were comin closer
caught my jitters and took her jitters further
im a weak romantic antique quitter
but her darting eyes make me wanna reconsider

cause yer so radiant and really its a shame
if you spent half the effort that you spend on video games
then i know you could do
all the things you wanna do
and you can start to feel okay with being you

im a drop of sweat in between our hands
yer the dizziness when im too quick to stand
if we burn at the beach in the blazing sun
we can stay at home pretend the traffic is the oceans hum

you can tear me in to pieces
and watch my organs shatter
you can say that im not on yer level
call me a broken ladder
you can tear me in to pieces
and watch my organs shatter
you can tear me in to pieces
serve me on a golden platter

cuz yer so beautiful
when i can see yer face
and not the person that you draw on every single day
i know you can see right through
all those little things you do
and see the blinding light i see inside of you
Track Name: born a dog (acoustic)
my eye lids did just what they did
as my lips blurted out
somethin they shouldnt know about

my fingertips feelings feel like shit
and my ears ignore
the words my brain prefers

i wish i was born a dog
sleeping with my human

my heart beats my ear drums
my fingers fold into my thumbs
my hearts as cold as my lips kissing a piece of ice
thats from yer spit

i wish i was born a dog
sleeping with my human
Track Name: 2012 round 2
heres the mess where she last undressed, her dirty pile formed my address, tits and thighs, lazy eyes.

the lines on hold while bullies shape and mold, shes now told everything she didnt know, and every night, i wont but might.

healthy lies meets filthy guys.

and theres their guest who couldnt care less, his crooked smile sneaks to carress, bitch and whine, cross felines.

the shame and smell expelled suits you well.

everytime i think im drinkin, im sippin flys, think i know all my favorite guys, never satisfied.

these cursed flying horses buzzing in my eyes, all alone again for christmas time, never satisfied.
Track Name: DillyDallyShillyShally&HickFeud
Dilly Dally Shilly Shally:

dilly dally shilly shally,
know it doesnt matter but it matters to me,
and everybody thinks they are the newest crazy,
only naturally, i go deeper in the lifestream.

dilly dally shilly shally,
i've been feeling really sorta pretty shitty,
hiding from my dog thats always following me,
i try to keep clean while my baby dreams in the lifestream.

Hick Feud:

i dont need spare feelings, anymore than a friend,
please and thank you become hollow as a sincere amen.
i'm stealing the tears from the villagers with the dry well,
she shivers from the river where she fetched a glass of water for hell.

she wears a plastic smile just for you once in a while,
she dusts her ugly face off, and casts it in the ugly pile,
she wears dots and feathers, she wears it well,
shes sweet as the glass of water shes bringing to hell.

... ... dilly dally boy... shilly shally boy...
Track Name: jelly beans (acoustic)
ive given up trying to sleep, i just wait to slowly sink, into the perfect crease of my covers, cause i feel when i'm under i can see the dirty silhouette of your face. and it sends my tear ducts flooding all over my pillow case.

you can scratch and sniff my shoes, and start to see through, all the stupid shit i do, you can casually view, the cemetery from the room that i was born in to.

i havent eaten anything, except for jelly beans, ever since before i can remember, cause it seems like forever since the last that i cared enough to try to talk to you.

and as you start to feel better, my stomach surrenders, and start to forget the feeling altogether, forget the feeling altogether, my sunken heart is over due.
Track Name: see blue
i was wondering how you would, measure a projection, by light years or its colored spectrum. or is it the emotion that flickers within you, never knowing if you're too attached or quitting too soon.

i think we were just projecting our feelings. like laser pointers shooting dirty pictures up at the ceiling, i can feel my cortex wailing, my synapses buzz and click, but continue failing.

well i'm looking for an honest man

my brain spoons in silky synesthesia as my eyes unfold, my lobes begin to mold as colors rush and explode, looking at photos of you i feel blue. looking at photos of you i see blue.

well i'm looking for an honest man.

i wrote another sad song just for you.
Track Name: laureen
laureen talks to me in my most crooked dreams,
swooning and spooning right next to me.
and it seems my feelings have unraveled again,
i hope loneliness feels warmer in person.

laureen talks to me, falls right back to sleep
laureen doesnt speak, holds me tightly.

yesterday forgot to say that i love you too,
switched my brain for spare change and forgot all about you,
and it makes me believe my dreams got nothing to prove,
i guess my hearts a messy rotten fool.

laureen talks to me, rolls over from me
laureen beautifully, swooning spooning

laureen will you please take me less seriously
Track Name: purple monkey dishwasher
all the rest of the artist are dead,
theres a tiny demon trapped within my head,
and everyday he said you were led to be misled
i still kept the letters,
that i never read.

i still feel the urge every once in a while,
theres an ugly angel that forces me to smile,
its not an improvement just because its meant
i still kept the letters,
that i never sent.