One Hundred Kisses

by gimmie kisses

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recorded december 2011


released January 19, 2012



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Gimmie Kisses

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Track Name: cash green sea
park in my reserved parking space, pop my trunk fetch my briefcase, take the elevator to the highest floor, sign some papers and whine and bitch, I like my salary but I know I need more. I've never seen the light of day, and that's fine with me it's okay. I got pockets deep enough to hold a cash green sea, and I know that you may not know it now, but I know that you need me. The sun has gone my work is done so I retreat back to my car, and as I walk I try not to notice or stop, that all the overnight custodians are smoking speed in the parking lot. Ive never seen the light of day, or spend time with my family. I got pockets deep enough to hold a cash green sea (for me), and I know that you may not know it now, but I know that you need me.
Track Name: he's my cubby
He's my Cubby. CUB!
Track Name: missed connections
saw a show on the 4th of July, I think I fell in love that night. I was dancing to defiance Ohio, you were dancing right by my side oh! Couldn't stop tripping over my shoes, I can't stop tripping over you. Let me tell you I feel like such a fool dude, why the hell didn't I make a move. Wrote about you in a missed connection, I talk about you to all my best friends. "dude James you gotta let this go", says my brain but my gut says no, and I know meeting you is pretty unlikely, I can't help wanting you beside me. Guess there's not much left to say, I pray to Yahweh that you send her my way. As long as you don't mind it I'll never let this go
Track Name: nobody loves you
You got an eye for all the cute guys and sings songs about how they do you wrong. Cause nobody cares about you. And nobody else has ever been sixteen years old. I wanna be wiped clean, by a fucking tsunami. Quit acting like you've grown old just cause you stopped watching late night nickelodeon episodes. Cause even I wanna be a Cosby, a fresh prince hanging with all the hawties. Forget everything that you've been told, just watch as my arms unfold into your arms an I'm gone like the fonz (ayyyy). You got a shovel for digging up angst and you got two hands to bury your face. Cause nobody loves you and nobody else has ever been sixteen years old.
Track Name: smoke a bowl of my heart
Oh man I'm getting so tired of this, you're breaking hearts like no ones business. And you know if I had three wishes I'd lay you down and say gimmie kisses. And if you break my heart, rip it into pieces, pack it in a bowl, gather all your friends, smoke it to your faces
Track Name: wanna get high on my yoyo?
I was born a goose in a past life, in a red caboose with your ex wife. Learning how not to be a man, holding my sword and shield in my wrong hands. So I strapped a rocket to my heart. It's a golden locket that falls apart. So if you're ready to go, go to the rodeo, we can get high on my yoyo. This is a gift for you and me, just one hit and my soul is set free. My body swells as we burn and burn, my eyes swirl as the yoyo turns. I see how it consumes you, trapped in the deep blue with cthulhu. Don't sit and try to patronize me, I love my yoyo and my yoyo loves me. I'm hitting this like it's the last chance I get, my love for you is like an ancient Chinese secret.